The Ten Thousand Rupees Mix!!

Ok…so my latest mixtape The Ocarina of Rhyme is doing pretty damn well. I uploaded on March 17 and it is about 500 d’loads away from 10,000!! WOW right? So I decided to give the people another taste of Sleaze‘s Hyrule, with a new mixtape called Sleaze’s Awakening; The Ten Thousand Rupees Mix. This project … Continue reading

9000 Downloads of The Ocarina of Rhyme!

Hey everyone! Just want to give you an update of whats going on right about now. “The Ocarina of Rhyme” mix tape that I released on March 17 is doing exceptionally well. The downloads stand at 9000, youtube views are almost at 20000! This has been a monumental ride and I appreciate all who supported … Continue reading

LinkFiend: Sleaze – ‘The Ocarina of Rhyme’ Instrumentals

LinkFiend: The OoR Instrumentals Zeldalust. Is that a word? Well, That’s what it is. The rush of people that came through the site last week was amazing! The energy was fantastic. So I’ve decided to give folks a treat! The instrumentals that helped spark the frenzy, free of charge. I’m toooo nice… Click the … Continue reading

Music: Sleaze – The Ocarina Of Rhyme [mixtape]

 The Link is up. I hope you enjoy the mixtape. Never settle for second best!  Click either picture for the d’load! Thanx!  Update: I wasn’t gonna post this until tomorrow but i have to post it now because some fool jacked my title!

Game Review OF Yore…OoT

Back in ’98 when this joint dropped on the N64, heads were shook. It was by far the best game ever created! Many games since have assumed to that title but lets take a look at why Ocarina of Time will always be the real deal! Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of TimeIGN64 reviews the biggest … Continue reading

Video: Fanmade Zelda Vids

ZELDA DAY! Some fan-made comical videos depicting Link-like activity. Also, you should hear alot of the music I used to create The Ocarina of Rhyme. Have fun! Zelda Video The Legend of Zelda: Lost Zii (Legend of Zelda Lost 2) The Legend Of Zelda – A Link To The Smash (Part 1) A LINK (pun … Continue reading

Music: Sleaze – "Code Link"

Here’s the first cut I’m releasing off my mixtape The Ocarina of Rhyme.“Code Link” is the title. D’load it. Bump it. Keep snacking. Sleaze – “Code Link”

The Ocarina of Rhyme

hey folks. It’s Sleaze dropping more jewels. More gems. Here to introduce my next project. As the title suggests, it will be dedicated to the best game ever created; Zelda: The Ocarina of Time. As if it is possible, I really identify with the green guy. You know, being that he isn’t real. But that … Continue reading