Mom’s Spaghetti Incident

Ok. The idea was I would take a few of my favorite Eminem songs and mash em with songs from rock group Guns N’ Roses. Big. And I pulled it off. Ten remixes that you can literally rock with. All for free. Coming in a minute.

Ketchup Packets Volume 2:Gold

It’s a new year everyone. I got a supreme headache from last night however, so I’ll be Frank. Volume 2. For Free. Righteous. Sleaze – Ketchup Packets Volume 2: Gold

Music: Merck – "I Hate You" (RMX)

Who the fuck is Merck? Does anyone even remember? I do. and he is dead!! For good cause too. You be the call! Ima post up a lot of this dudes shit. Just for ya’ll. Merck – “I Hate You” (RMX) yea ANT, divshare is the new jones!

Music: Michael Jackson – "Butterflies"(Sleaze Remix)

Here goes another remix from the Ketchup period. My boy Mike Jack over Sleaze? Bandanas!

Music: Aaliyah – "Try Again"(Sleaze Remix)

This is a remix I made during what I’m calling my Ketchup period. Check it out!

Music: Sleaze x Clockwork Monkey – "Ketchup Remix"

As promised, here’s the remix to Clockwork Monkey’s single “Ketchup”. Keep snacking!