Video: Pray 4 Me (Official Video)

Sleaze releases the new video from his project “Heavenly Devilish”. Shot and directed by BCMusic1st, this video was meant to bring out the rawness of the lyrics. Go to to see more past and future projects from Sleaze.

Artist: The Honorable Sleaze (@Sleaze)
Album: Heavenly/Devilish
Producer: Dreamweapons (@slownumber)
Director: BCMusic 1st (@bcmusic1st)
Location: RVA

Video: The Passion Of The Sleaze (Official Video)

A Cheats Movement Vibe

Artist: The Honorable Sleaze (@Sleaze)
Album: Heavenly/Devilish
Producer: OhBliv (@Ohbliv)
Director: Marc Cheatham (@CheatsMWC)
Location: The Shop (@, RVA

Video: The Passion Of The Sleaze (Trailer)

A Cheats Movement Vibe

Artist: The Honorable Sleaze
Album: Heavenly/Devilish
Producer: OhBliv
Director: Marc Cheatham
Location: The Shop, RVA

Music: Isaiah & Hovey – "The Descent"

Nice ass track from the homies Isaiah & Hovey! It’s called The Descent and it’s slammin’. Ketchup!

Music: Ghost World – Season’s Change EP [2011]

Take a minute to check out the new EP release from Ghost World (Lonely Skies and Joey Ripps), titled Season’s Change. Just in time for the warm caress of Spring.

Video: In His Own Words…Gordy Michael

My man E over at Oh So Yes Radio shoots an interview style video for the JPS beatmaker you may not know, Gordy Michael. Take a second, and get familiar with son.

Music: Sleaze – Hear, My Dear [2010]

Seems like I have been tooling around with this album forever. Tweaking the beats. Putting more and more of my heart into it. And now it’s done. And I’m glad… Check the synopsis… ((Hear)), My Dear. My “Dear Jane” letter to the game. Love it or Leave it. Thank you Ant for the marvelous “Never” … Continue reading

Hear, My Dear on 2-28-10

These days are sacred. I started writing ((HEAR)), My Dear in 2008. Then, It was supposed to be a free EP for I only had about 6 usable tracks. The project has grown into much more, my second full-length LP in under 6 months! Peep the fresh… Originally, I wanted this album to speak to … Continue reading

Music: TheHipHopEffect Presents…Girls I Gave My Heart To [miXtape] [2010]

My man Ant over at TheHipHopEffect has been toiling over this mixtape, Girls I Gave My Heart To, for the better part of last year. Here today, is the final project, an insanely nice project, with songs that you can dedicate to that special lady in your life. Oh, you know I’m on that (produced … Continue reading

Music: Elijah – So Much For That [2010]

All good things must come to an end, and Elijah is popping his off now. E is calling it quits with this rap shit(against my wishes), but that is the nature of music. The motivation that once drives you to create music sometimes burns out if not nurtured positively. I still think my dude is … Continue reading

Music: Joey Ripps – Infinite Growth

You know what time it is. Introducing, once again, my man Joey Ripps, back with his debut Just Plain Sounds release Infinite Growth. This album, produced entirely by Just Plain Ant, is seriously a very well put together album. Songs and ideas seem to flow into one another perfectly. Do yourself a favor and cop … Continue reading

((Hear)), My Dear – Coming Soon

Get Ready!!!

Music: Sleaze – Summer Fresh is a joyous moment for me. I just dropped my debut album on Just Plain Sounds and I’m posting to give you a lil’ insight on the project. Summer Fresh is my ode to summer, done the right way. 12 tracks of heat. I produced most of the joints with assists from Just Plain … Continue reading

Music: Sleaze – "Summers, Past"

Sleaze back at it, dropping gems on y’all. I’m posting up a track from my upcoming project Summer Fresh EP. The name of this cut is called “Summers, Past”. I produced the track. Summer Fresh EP will be my first release on the JustPlainSounds netlabel, and it’s definitely a heater. So listen, indulge, leave feedback … Continue reading

Sleaze – Mom’s Spaghetti Incident Mom’s Spaghetti Incident is here. I been yapping about this thing like all year and it’s finally complete. I would tell y’all that I worked my ass off on this project but that isn’t relevant. It is a labor of love. So please enjoy. And before all things, keep snacking. Please, Ketchup! Mom’s Spaghetti … Continue reading

Press: Sleaze – ‘The Ocarina of Rhyme’

Click the pic to get the mixtape if you haven’t! The innanets are talking! And I like what they saying! You can check out what people think for yourself. A list of all the sites that mention The Ocarina of Rhyme is posted below for your enjoyment… Thanks everyone! … Continue reading

LinkFiend: Sleaze – ‘The Ocarina of Rhyme’ Instrumentals

LinkFiend: The OoR Instrumentals Zeldalust. Is that a word? Well, That’s what it is. The rush of people that came through the site last week was amazing! The energy was fantastic. So I’ve decided to give folks a treat! The instrumentals that helped spark the frenzy, free of charge. I’m toooo nice… Click the … Continue reading

Music: Sleaze – The Ocarina Of Rhyme [mixtape]

 The Link is up. I hope you enjoy the mixtape. Never settle for second best!  Click either picture for the d’load! Thanx!  Update: I wasn’t gonna post this until tomorrow but i have to post it now because some fool jacked my title!

The Ocarina of Rhyme in 10 Days!!

Wsup friends?! Yep, you guessed it. Ocarina of Rhyme time…Just ten days until I release my first mixtape in over 5 years! It pays excellent homage to the master conductors over at Nintendo, and the one & only Link. On the mixtape, I talk about all issues including: the current state of hip-hop, growing up … Continue reading

Music: Ketchup Packets 4; N!GG@ SH!T

Front Cover KP4. # four in a series of instrumental albums created by I. A more aggressive mix of beats. These instrumentals are best suited for gritty lyrics and no apologies. Y’all can spit on em, rap on em, I really don’t care. You can burn this shit and piss on it, just d’load it. … Continue reading

Ketchup Packets 3: Hearts

Free beat tape, created for the lovers of life, good music and love. All for de’ free. Righteous! Sleaze – Ketchup Packets 3: Hearts Included on the mix, is a track from me called “Beauty”. Peep below:

Music: Sleaze – "Code Link"

Here’s the first cut I’m releasing off my mixtape The Ocarina of Rhyme.“Code Link” is the title. D’load it. Bump it. Keep snacking. Sleaze – “Code Link”

Music: Just Plain Ant – "AntiLove" feat. Sleaze

I try to treat every song as therapy for the particular subject I’m speaking on. This is no different. Here is my ode to friendship.

Ketchup Packets Volume 2:Gold

It’s a new year everyone. I got a supreme headache from last night however, so I’ll be Frank. Volume 2. For Free. Righteous. Sleaze – Ketchup Packets Volume 2: Gold

Music: Nature – "We Ain’t Friends"

Yea, Ima start playing this song every morning when I wake up! Real Rap! Fuck niggas!

Music: Sleaze – The Memorial Mix

Here’s a collection of songs I completed on a mixtape with my former business associates. Just wanna put it out there…I put a lot of energy in to this mixtape and it deals with a lot of real issues. I just wish it would have made more noise back in ’05…O well…here’s sum Sleaze Trax … Continue reading

Music Repost: Sleaze – Prelude to Greatness EP

Here goes the drop! What everyone is waiting for. The Main Event. Get it friends! The EP from me featuring the previously heard tracks “Old Soul” and “Welcome Home”. Keep snacking! Sleaze – Prelude To Greatness EP

The Ocarina of Rhyme

hey folks. It’s Sleaze dropping more jewels. More gems. Here to introduce my next project. As the title suggests, it will be dedicated to the best game ever created; Zelda: The Ocarina of Time. As if it is possible, I really identify with the green guy. You know, being that he isn’t real. But that … Continue reading

Music: Merck – "I Hate You" (RMX)

Who the fuck is Merck? Does anyone even remember? I do. and he is dead!! For good cause too. You be the call! Ima post up a lot of this dudes shit. Just for ya’ll. Merck – “I Hate You” (RMX) yea ANT, divshare is the new jones!

Music: Sleaze – Prelude To Greatness EP

Here goes the drop! What everyone is waiting for. The Main Event. Get it friends! The EP from me featuring the previously heard tracks “Old Soul” and “Welcome Home”. Keep snacking! Sleaze – Prelude To Greatness EP

Music: Sleaze – "Heart" (Leaked Track)

So Lady Sleaze has leaked my, her man’s, baby. A song off Classic Material. I mean I know I’m sweet but damn boo…O well i concur. Classic Material; Top of ’09!!! Get ready!

Music: Sleaze – "Better Than All The Rest" (Prod. by Just Plain Ant)

Got a mic so the heat is gonna keep coming! This is my contribution to Ant’s next mixtape. Stay tuned and keep snacking! Sleaze – “Better Than All The Rest”

Music: Sleaze – "Welcome Home"

My dood Just Plain Ant has leaked a track from my EP, Prelude to Greatness and I totally cosign said leakage. Keep snacking and be on the lookout for this disc.