Music: Sleaze – "Good Food" (feat, Brad Oh.Blivion & Jay Slim)

Here is the track we completed for Good Food. Dope lyricism. That’s us. ALL DAY! Also, here is the direct link: “Good Food”

Charlie Hilton – Good Food [MiXtape]

Check me out on the title track, with Brad Oh.Blivion & Jay Slim. Much love to all the artists involved as well as the man behind the beats, Charlie Hilton. Charlie Hilton – Good Food

Music: Jay Slim – The High Life

The time is now!!! The High Life is upon us!! Jay Slim, my man, you got a beast!!! The High Life marks the solo debut of Jay Slim. Featuring production by Just Plain Ant, The High Life is a very laid back album that prepares you for summer nights. It also includes guest appearances from … Continue reading

Dig Deep is upon us…

It’s here peoples!! My man Just Plain Ant celebrates the release of his second full-length album Dig Deep. An impressive effort to say the very least. Ant’s passion for the music he creates really shines through on this. I’m so happy to be a part of this project because Ant and I share a lot … Continue reading