Photoset: Respect The Architect – J Dilla Tribute Celebration

Photos from Respect The Architect. Shoutout to Bum Rush Radio, Fly X Chromozone, Reshada Pullen, Tropical Soul, Soul Logistics Radio, and most importantly, The J. Dilla Foundation. 

My Krispy Kremes

Fresh out the oven, My Krispy Kremes is a face-slap of beat music for lovers of hip-hop. Constructed from the sample selections found on the groundbreaking instrumental album “Donuts“. Respectfully dedicated to the memory of James Dewitt Yancey AKA J Dilla. Sleaze – My Krispy Kremes

Sonic The FameHog doesn’t know Sleaze

So…James “Dilla” Yancey EP’d your debut album form the grave huh? Of all the fuck boy shit I’ve ever heard, this is the worst!!! From the horse’s mouth…. Yeah, James Yancey EPd the album. That was my sound consultant. Google it, come back here and doubt it. Ma Dukes, I gotchu.— [ SOURCE ] What … Continue reading