Music: The Honorable Sleaze – Smell The Roses EP

New instrumental tape I put up for $1. Give da drummer some. Part 2 Coming Soon!! But first, check my steez on this cut. It Takes Two (Kim Weston)

Music: Ohbliv – New Black Renaissance (Side A)

New sounds from who else but Ohbliv. Tape jams. RspktDaTeem. Ketchup.

My Krispy Kremes

Fresh out the oven, My Krispy Kremes is a face-slap of beat music for lovers of hip-hop. Constructed from the sample selections found on the groundbreaking instrumental album “Donuts“. Respectfully dedicated to the memory of James Dewitt Yancey AKA J Dilla. Sleaze – My Krispy Kremes

The Bonnie Situation

Damn. What would YOU do if your friend showed up at your house at 8 in the morning, with some guy you don’t know and a dead body in his backseat? That’s The Bonnie Situation, my tribute to a little known movie titled Pulp Fiction. Ketchup. Sleaze – The Bonnie Situation Tracklisting1. Intro2. Divine Intervention3. … Continue reading

Music: Sleaze – Daft Sleaze [Beat Pack]

Yet another pack o’ beats created out of pure enjoyment of making dope shit. Like it. Love it. Hate it. Daft Punk remains the shit! Ketchup punk. DOWNLOAD HERE!!!

Music: Sleaze – Sleaze, Oh Sleaze [Beat Pack]

Yet ANOTHER beat pack released for anyone who wants it. Shit is too real ova’ here. Ketchup motherfucker. DOWNLOAD HERE!!!

Music: Sleaze – A Sleazework Orange [Beat Pack]

Another beat pack I released via twitter last week. Sorry to be slow with the posting. You know, since it was my birthday and all. I’m too generous. Download Here!!!

Music: Sleaze – Spunstrumentals [Beat Pack]

A lil’ beat pack I whipped up, dedicated to the movie Spun. All the samples come from the OST for that flick. Check me out. More beat packs coming soon. DOWNLOAD HERE!!!

Sleaze – Mom’s Spaghetti Incident Mom’s Spaghetti Incident is here. I been yapping about this thing like all year and it’s finally complete. I would tell y’all that I worked my ass off on this project but that isn’t relevant. It is a labor of love. So please enjoy. And before all things, keep snacking. Please, Ketchup! Mom’s Spaghetti … Continue reading

Mom’s Spaghetti Incident

Ok. The idea was I would take a few of my favorite Eminem songs and mash em with songs from rock group Guns N’ Roses. Big. And I pulled it off. Ten remixes that you can literally rock with. All for free. Coming in a minute.