Music: Sleaze – Project:Mayhem [2010]

All new beats, inspired by the iconic film Fight Club. Nothing more to say. Sauce up under the cut. Ketchup.

Music: Sleaze – Daft Sleaze [Beat Pack]

Yet another pack o’ beats created out of pure enjoyment of making dope shit. Like it. Love it. Hate it. Daft Punk remains the shit! Ketchup punk. DOWNLOAD HERE!!!

Music: Sleaze – Sleaze, Oh Sleaze [Beat Pack]

Yet ANOTHER beat pack released for anyone who wants it. Shit is too real ova’ here. Ketchup motherfucker. DOWNLOAD HERE!!!

Music: Sleaze – A Sleazework Orange [Beat Pack]

Another beat pack I released via twitter last week. Sorry to be slow with the posting. You know, since it was my birthday and all. I’m too generous. Download Here!!!

Music: Sleaze – Spunstrumentals [Beat Pack]

A lil’ beat pack I whipped up, dedicated to the movie Spun. All the samples come from the OST for that flick. Check me out. More beat packs coming soon. DOWNLOAD HERE!!!