Spotlight: Ohbliv

The little guy with the big SOUND. Rockin eardrums from here to the world over. All with a little machine called an SP-404. Oh, and the juiciest vinyl in the Mid-Atlantic. Get Some. CopUP! Give a real niggie some dollars. Ohbliv BandCamp You know how the homies do! Ill. Plz, Ketchup. 

Spotlight: Nitty Scott, MC

What a difference a year makes! Nitty Scott, MC, the itty, bitty MC from NY on ya TV.  From rocking shows with Sleaze, to the BET Cypher! She was all over me! Jokesies :).  THE NITTY GRITTY: Nitty Scott, MC , Millz , Sleaze , Corey Smith , & DJ Dizz Ill. Ketchup, Plz.