Interview: Radio Rubber Room Ep. 19 w/ The Honorable Sleaze

What’s up good peoples? This past weekend, I had the good fortune of being tapped to appear on the Radio Rubber Room Show, that broadcasts live from 102.9 FM WHAN Ashland. Yea mayne, coming up in the world (somewhat…). These are the homies, so yo know we had a blast! If you were too busy pregaming to check it out Saturday, don’t fret. I have it right her for you in all its splender. Special shoutout to the folks over at RRR, RVA Magazine, & WHAN.
1) Noah O – Winning
2) The Honorable Sleaze – Intro/Swingin’
3) Black Liquid – Richmond
4) The Honorable Sleaze – Acid Queen
5) The Honorable Sleaze – Old Soul
6) Joey Ripps – Beyond Me
7) The Honorable Sleaze – Sparrow
8) Dem 360 Boyz – Party Hard
9) The Honorable Sleaze – Fist City
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