JPS LOVE JAPAN Fundraiser Benefit – Sunday 5/22

Just Plain Sounds Presents: JPS LOVE JAPAN Fundraiser Event

Sun 5/22 @ The Camel 1621 West Broad Street 
Doors 8:00pm Show Starts 8:30pm   
$5 Donation.
Proceeds will be donated to The Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Fund.
View all details here:

Just Plain Sounds would like to invite you to a fundraiser event to aid the citizens of Japan, who were ravaged by natural disasters during these past few months. Though thousands of miles away, we want to let these people know that their tragedy, while great, has forced us to reevaluate how we treat our fellow humans and we couldn’t think of a better way then to spread love through music. We have called on artists from all corners of the city to lend their time and art to us as we attempt to give more than just mere words or thoughts. Come join us as we celebrate overcoming adversity, whether natural or man-made.

There will also be a raffle for super secret items! No peeking! Plan to attend!!

Sponsored by:
Just Plain Sounds –
Grape Cloth –
RVA Mag –
Global Giving –
OhSoYes Radio –
Ketchup Plz –
The Camel –
Radio Rubber Room –

Hosted by: Sleaze & J Dangles
Music by: DJ Dizz (JPS)

Performing Artists:

Black Liquid & The New Juice Crew (RVA)
Charlotte Griffin (RVA)
Drano (JPS)
Draztiq (JPS)
Emphasys (Skurban Barz Ent. / RVA)
Ghost World (JPS)
Gordy Michael (JPS)
Gym Carrie (RVA)
The Holik (RVA)
Just Plain Ant ( JPS)
Ms. Proper (So Proper Ent. / RVA )
Nyce (Xklusiv Promotions / RVA)
Ohbliv (JPS/Chocolate Milk)
Onassis Family (RVA)
Prez (All Mindz Bonded / RVA)
So !lla (So Proper Ent. / RVA)
Split Personalityz (RVA)

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