Caits Meissner – LivingRoom Sessions

I add a lot of flavor to people’s lives here on Ketchup Please? . I hip y’all to all kinds of shit (yea, right…). Now, I have to admit to have been sleeping on the grind of fellow #JPS member Caits Meissner.
Now, I’m sure she wouldn’t call it a grind at all. This is her life! And it is truly an amazing and inspired one. On to business… Caits has been banging everyone upside the head with her delightfully enjoying LivingRoom Sessions vlog series. I’ll let shorty doowop run through the synopsis…

Many creative people come through my home, and now that I have a home to share that is of the welcoming ilk, I think, why don’t I bring some of the magic that occurs in this space to you? And thus, introducing… Living Room Sessions!

Forget your average interview, these are intimate, silly, smile-inducing moments that only come from an established sense of comfort in friendship. You’ll see what I mean. Press play.
— [ SOURCE ]

Ok, so the biz is out the way here’s the product…

Caits & Blu – LivingRoom Sessions Teaser

Caits & Daru Jones

Caits & Eagle Nebula

Caits & Maya Azucena

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