Music: iDopeBoy – Why Is My Mixtape Named After Christina Aguilera? [MiXtape]

So the blogs is jumping right about now! Fellow blogger & friend iDopeBoy has compiled a collection of unreleased bangers from the internets’ brightest rising stars (yea, cuz I’m on that list!!). It should be stated that this mix was compiled in less than one 8-hour work shift! Tell me the boy ain’t grinding… Also, a track from me is on the jawn so make sure you d’load and give it a listen. As for the title…

So here is the very first mixtape ever made by It only took 7 hours of non-stop work. That’s right earlier today i started the ball rolling and its all finished now. 7 hours ago i wondered if i could put out a mixtape in a single day on the strength of my network alone. And with a little help i managed to secure 30+ previously unheard tracks. That was shrunk down to 17 pretty dope songs. Featured in this mixtape is Frank Ramz, Hollywood FLOSS, Verbal & The Kickdrums and many more.

Brought to you by HailMegatron & TheIncredibleCreation

D’LOAD :: Why Is My Mixtape Named After Christina Aguilera?

The Canvas – Lucky AKA Mark Milly & ConsciousMC
Hands To The Sky – Hollywood FLOSS
Backwards Japanese prod. TheLonious – Volition, D Band & Topaz Jones
Beauty – Sleaze
I Be On It – Bradley Holmes
Truth Serum – Frank Ramz
Can’t Stop Him – Tragedy
Check The Style prod. TheLonious – Volition
Rainy Days – Frank Ramz
Heart Is A Monster prod. FLJ – FlyOrDie
Not A Nice Guy – J.Casallas
Showed Up prod. TheLonious – Amor Jones
On The MTA – Reality The Don
Know What I’m About – Lucky AKA Mark Milly
Idiot Savant – Verbal And The Kickdrums
Paranoid – Ca$hflow
Minor Heart Attack ft. Derek Stephenson – CoAudio

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