Music: Formula – The Overcast Project

Album Cover

Hip-Hop netlabel blocSonic proudly presents its second original release Formula‘s The Overcast Project. Who is Formula you ask?? The next producer you wanna know, that’s who.

To me “The Overcast Project” feels like the perfect follow-up to Just Plain Ant’s “Dig Deep”. Formula seems to share a similar desire to expand the definition of “hip-hop”. With Formula at it’s core and a talented group of musicians and emcees, Overcast gels into a superbly cohesive unit (much like Ant’s release before it). There IS a “Formula sound” and each of the guest musicians and emcees lend their distinctive touches in such a way as to make the unit stronger.— [ SOURCE ]

Really, you should check this piece out! Download here!!!

3 Responses to “Music: Formula – The Overcast Project”
  1. Anonymous says:


  2. Lady Sleaze says:

    well that means u aint been checking the site enough cuz all of Sleaze's shit is fresh just like this!

  3. Sleaze says:

    let em know baby

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