Music: Just Plain Ant – The New Black

New beat medicine from my man 50 grand Just Plain Ant. “The New Black” is a smooth yet wild ride that is sure to excite beatheads like myself. At 34 tracks this joint is sure to please even the most eccentric listener. But enough of my spiel, let Ant tell it…

Don’t let the 34 tracks alarm you. 50 minutes of a new level of music from Just Plain Ant. No real description necessary. Let the music do the talkin’.

Gettin’ It
Born And Raised In It
Della Reese
A Different Kinda Love
Aw Shucks!
Light It Up
Acid Lullaby
Get Used 2 It
In My Reeboks
That’s Some Black History
The Black Snake Suite
Just Let It Happen
Go The Fuck Home
Dead Roses
Destined 2 Die
Fight or Flight
Attention Elsewhere
A Winner’s Sadness
Wastin’ My Time
Don’t Ever Go
Take It Slow
Fly Again
I Can’t Hang
If I Could Make This Guitar Play…
Look At My Friends (Outro)

Righteous! Download here!!!

One Response to “Music: Just Plain Ant – The New Black”
  1. Lady Sleaze says:

    this cover is very epic…i like it though

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