Music: Charlie Hilton – "Tears of Our City" (feat. Kid Fly, QuEST & Adele)

Wsup good peoples! I bring to you today the first “leaked” track off a project I just completed a track for. The artist is Charlie Hilton, and the project is Good Food (Vintage Youth performs the title track! yea!). Hilton is a UK-based producer looking to make a serious impact across the pond. This first track, performed by Kid Fly and QuEST, is an emotional one but still very listenable and very relevant to today’s music scene. Below, Charlie speaks on the song:

It is my favorite song on the mixtape. The hook is Adele, the pianos are sampled. Each artist is singing from the perspective of their respective cities of birth. Their words are telling him/herself that since that person became famous/touring/a nation-wide face, they lose the identity with their city. The city is fighting back, asking the artist not to forget where the home is.— [ SOURCE ]

Download Here!
Charle Hilton – “Tears of Our City” (feat. Kid Fly, QuEST & Adele)

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