Video: Rick Ross Interview

Rick Ross – “I Shit On Niggas!”

Interviewer – “That’s wsup.”

Rawse! quickly changed the subject of him using The Original Rick Ross‘ name.

What a fraud!

3 Responses to “Video: Rick Ross Interview”
  1. Mommieof2 says:

    i bet this big bear looking motherfucker does shit on people. he is too stupid to be getting this much “love” in the streets. why this nigga got money and we dont. oh thats right, cause we tell the truth. aint no one lying over here. thats right lady sleaze is hattin. major hate is poring out my veins…but what else is new?

  2. A. Red says:

    It’s so many FAKE ASS actors in the industry now it don’t make no sense. I guarantee this mofo wears tutu’s and drinks momosa’s in her spare time.

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