Video: T.I. Does Crimestoppers Commercial

Damn T.I. Just damn. I don’t agree with crime, but I don’t agree with ratting either. What’s a playa to do?

My advice: Don’t call 1-800-WE-Tip. Walk in to your neighborhood police station like a man and stand against the ills of your community, if you feel so inclined. Don’t take the bitch way out.

One Response to “Video: T.I. Does Crimestoppers Commercial”
  1. Mommieof2 says:

    Ti is sucking some mean law enforcement penis right now. Aint the reason you in the situation you in because someone probably called one of these lines on you. The things the “King” will do to stay from behind bars. What is happening to all these former “trapping” ass niggahs? See people…this is why you dont sell drugs..not because u might end up in jail…but because in the end..u turn into a …BITCH!!!lady sleaze out.

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