No, I’m not Ketchupman…but Someone is!

Ketchup World

I saw this shit and had to post it! Funny stuffs indeed.


Is there such a thing as sodium-free ketchup? Scott F.

I am not aware of a sodium-free ketchup out there however I found a No Salt Added product and added it to our website. This is ketchup indicates it is “not sodium free” – however no salt has been added as is with almost all other ketchups.

Here is a link to the No Salt Added Ketchup.

Dear Ketchupman,

What’s the meaning of “fancy” ketchup? What’s so fancy about it? Bryan H.

By its nature, ketchup is synonymous with fancy.

That is why the expression “Black Tie and Ketchup” means a fancy occasion. That is why the expression “She caught my ketchup” means “Caught my fancy.” And last, “Fancy Smancy” means the same as “Ketchup Smetchup.”

Ketchup is always fancy.


What difference does it make whose name is on the label, aren’t they all the same?.

Ketchup Curious Reno, NV

Dear KM:

That is the most common mistake made about ketchup.

The different types of tomatoes, their growing conditions, the quality of ingredients, and homemade recipes make each type of ketchup at ketchup unique.

Clearly there are brands of less expensive products. But there is a difference between gourmet and ordinary; quality and standardized; and custom cooking or cooking in large vats.

There is more to life than Heinz, Hunts, and DelMonte!

Dear KM:

Is there a difference between ketchup and catsup?


I wish there were a definitive answer for this, but it seems to be more explained by marketing than history. The two spellings are used by manufacturers for reasons that have nothing to do with a difference between “ketchup products” vs. “catsup products”. Some like the way one looks/appears better than the other, though ketchup has become the more popular spelling in the US. — [ SOURCE ]

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